GS Madness (March GS Rewards)

Madness? This... is... BLACKSHOT!!!

Sounds familiar? Yes, the March of Madness is here and it's about to come to an end (at least until next March, that is). The Blackshot Team must be going crazy for coming up with such an awesome set of promotions... like, seriously?!

Promo 1
First time buying a GS item? What have you been doing all this time? To reward you, we're giving away a HK416 Forest (7 days) to first time spenders. Yes, I think whoever thought of this must have been mad.

Promo 2
MAJOR MADNESS must be settling into us, because we think you deserve much much more! For every purchase of over 2,000 GS, we'll be giving out the craziest gun yet! Fancy going into a frenzy using the M60 (7 Days) and earning extra EXP/BP while you're at it (Additional Combo 7 Days)? Go wild!

Promo 3
GS GS GS? Any purchase done through Blackshot will garner you an AK47 DGI-C (7 Days). That's right. ANY PURCHASE!

The (Blackshot) Gods must be crazy that they'll be giving away the prizes on 6th April or 7th April after the server maintenance!

Wildest Regards,
The Blackshot Team

*Promo rules and mechanics may change without prior notice*

Posted on: 03-22-2011